Amazing Goop

Amazing Goop

Amazing Goop

:: Glues whatever. Bonds forever
  • Automotive 3.7Oz
  • Automotive 3.7Oz

Automotive 3.7Oz

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AMAZING GOOP® AUTOMOTIVE has been scientifically formulated to repair, seal and stick to a wide variety of materials with superior strength to any other brand. It’s very effective in stopping tears in vinyl seats, floor mats and convertible tops. It can even be used to protect battery terminals from corrosion and stop leaks in engine hoses. Glass, plastic, metal, leather, vinyl, rubber, copper, aluminum, brass, wood - AMAZING GOOP® AUTOMOTIVE is the most versatile and effective adhesive available. AMAZING GOOP® AUTOMOTIVE is not formulated for exposure to sunlight. For these applications, paint over AMAZING GOOP® AUTOMOTIVE after it has cured.


  • Does not become brittle in cold weather. Good for bonding items subject to vibration.
Chemical resistant
  • Safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics
Abrasion resistant
  • Great for bonding objects subject to wear
  • Submergible in fresh and salt water after completely cured
  • Paint to match surrounding area or for UV resistance after completely curing
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