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  • Amazing QuickHOLD® 0.5Oz
  • Amazing QuickHOLD® 0.5Oz

Amazing QuickHOLD® 0.5Oz

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Amazing QuickHOLD® adhesive is an all purpose contact adhesive and sealant featuring a thin, quickdry formula for crafter’s special needs. Amazing QuickHOLD’s thin viscosity and long-neck tube design provides crafters with a thinner bead for applying even the most delicate embellishments to craft projects and jewelry. Amazing QuickHOLD dries clear and is great for adhering different materials together or complex multimedia projects such as collages or mosaics. An initial set takes only two to three minutes and full cure takes just two to six hours. Amazing QuickHOLD® provides contact that is water resistant and can be painted over for UV resistance.


  • For use in or around projects containing or subject to water
Thin Viscosity
  • Provides thin bead for delicate and precise applications
  • Perfect for non-porous surfaces, vertical applications and projects requiring
    immediate movement
Dries clear & paintable
  • Adhesive blends with clear materials such as glass and can be painted to match surroundings
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