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Amazing Goop


:: Superior handling properties
  • Water-based Wood Filler
  • Water-based Wood Filler

Water-based Wood Filler

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EP40042112 - EP40042128

FAMOWOOD® WATER-BASED WOOD FILLER the #1 choice of woodworking professionals for over 50 years, has developed a water-soluble formula certified by Scientific Certification Systems as having no smog producing ingredients. Whether you’re masking small or large defects, FAMOWOOD® can be used inside or outside and takes stains and paint evenly, making it ideal for any customer project. FAMOWOOD® spreads evenly into cracks and holes without shrinking, crumbling or cracking. In addition, FAMOWOOD® requires very little sanding to achieve a desired finished look.

Colours available: Cherry/Dark Mahogany, Fir/Maple, Natural, Oak, Red Oak, Walnut


High solid content
  • Saw, drill, sand, plane and nail, just like real wood
Fast dry time
  • Can be indoors and outdoors
Easy application
  • Spreads evenly into cracks and holes without crumbling or cracking
Superior strength
  • Hard finish with little or no shrinkage
Quality finish
  • Takes stains and paints evenly with minimal sanding
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