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Marble neutral cleaner

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HG "marble & stone neutral cleaner" has been specifically developed for safe daily maintenance product for precious natural stones like marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, granite but is also safe on many other surfaces. HG "marble & stone neutral cleaner" is a no-rinse, acid-free cleaner that will not add gloss nor make surfaces slippery, and can be used by hand or floor cleaning machine. HG "marble & stone neutral cleaner" can safely be used over polished or crystallized surfaces, or surfaces protected with sealers or waxes.

Dilute HG "marble & stone neutral cleaner" as required with lukewarm water. Dip mop in the dilution, wring partially and mop the surface. Rinse the mop frequently in a separate bucket with clean water, releasing the dirt before continuing mopping. Upon completion, leave surface to dry naturally.

Lightly soiled surfaces: 125ml / 1/2cup per 5L water

Severely soiled surfaces: 250ml/ 1cup per 5L water

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