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  • Seal-All 1OZ
  • Seal-All 1OZ

Seal-All 1OZ

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SEAL-ALL® is the all-purpose adhesive used by hobbyists and mechanics alike to seal, bond, insulate, waterproof and stick to a wide variety of materials. Use it on practically anything: wood, steel, aluminum and copper; most plastics and rubber; porcelain, glass and china; vinyl, fiberglass, canvas and leather; cardboard, paper and much more! Fast-drying and clear, SEAL-ALL® can withstand changes in climate, insulating and toughening with age. Known as “the repair kit in a tube,” it does not require mixing or heating, does not become brittle in cold weather and resists water, gasoline, oil and most solvents.


  • Can withstand changes in climate; resists water and other environmental elements
Chemical resistant
  • Is not affected by oil, gasoline, alcohol and most solvents
Abrasion resistant
  • Maintains bond strength even on objects subject to wear
Fast dry time
  • Creates a strong, secure bond quickly
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