Terraillon Dreamer (Sleep Aid)

$ 119.00

Developed in collaboration with the European Sleep Center, Terraillon Dreamer helps you find sleep faster and naturally. It offers two sleeping modes, both using red light (unlike other colours such as blue light – red light does not block the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone).

Dreamer is a compact sleep aid that is rechargeable via USB (cable included). This permits you to keep it with you everywhere you go. You can also use Dreamer as an ambient light to create your own room atmosphere thanks to the 16 million available colours, or just for lighting at night.

EAN Code: 3094570146524

Product Code: TL-14652

Retail Selling Price (with GST): $119.00

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  • 2 Sleeping Programmes:
    Cardiac coherence combines breathing exercises and light. Inhale and exhale as the light gets brigther then dimmer.
    Sunset mode uses orange hues which evolve to a warm red to help you fall asleep softly.
  • Create Your Own Light Atmosphere: Personalize the light atmosphere in your bedroom according to your desires, choose among 16 million colours available in your Dreamer.
  • Convenient & Mobile: Dreamer operates with a rechargeable battery (USB cable included). With only 80 minutes of charging, the battery life is approximately 8 sleep cycles (160 minutes). And, thanks to its compact design, you can bring it everywhere with you !
  • Box Content: Dreamer + USB Cable
  • Technology: Rechargeable Battery via USB
  • Light Power: 300 lumens

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